We understand how issues such as intersectionality, racism and a lack of resources as well as other social factors can impact a person's mental health.  Stigma and a lack of accessibility are key contributing factors hindering those who are most vulnerable from attaining the mental health assistance that they need. 

We want to offer our users access to a directory of qualified mental health practitioners who are of African- Caribbean, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds. We aim to provide an affordable around the clock service that caters to your needs.

It is our mission to 're-define the norm'. We are going to change the narrative that "we don't do Therapy" and we'll do it in a way that gives you the access, choice and flexibility that you deserve.


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Re-definding the norm

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Our Therapists Have Experience In  A Variety Of Area's Including;

Domestic Violence



Couples Counselling 

Childhood Trauma


Alcohol Addiction

Drug Addiction

Mental Abuse

Gambling Addiction


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